Title Bout Championship Boxing Features

  • Comprehensive Fighter Ratings Make the Difference

    Title Bout Championship Boxing features more than 6600 fighters, past and present, including all divisions and all champions, individually rated in over three dozen categories. New! Fighters are now linked to boxrec.com for complete real life data.
  • Enhanced Commentary, Now with Atmospheric Sound Effects and Pseudo-Animation

    The radio-style commentary has been completely revised to reflect the flow of action taking place in the ring. Less filler, no contradictory statements, and completely adjustable to both your reading speed and play-style.
  • Crowd noise corresponds to the action in the ring: the more action, the louder the cheers. The more clinching and posing, the louder the boos!
  • Pseudo-animated fighters throw punches, clinch, and get knocked down... and ring card girls parade between rounds!
  • Flexible Auto-Scheduling Provides Complete Control for Easy Match-Making

    Whether you use it for a single bout or a thousand bouts, for tournament play or record-building, the revamped auto-scheduling tool provides you with all the control you'll need to get the type of matches you want.
  • Complete selection criteria allows you to auto-schedule by era, nationality, boxer ratings, single years, etc. Want to set up a tournament consisting of retired Italian middleweights with overall ratings of 7 through 10? No problem!
  • More Statistics than Ever Before

    Let's face it! Statistics are one of the major driving forces in sports; and while boxing doesn't lend itself to stats the way a team sport does, Title Bout provides almost every statistic possible and does so in a number of unique ways, and coes well beyond the expected "won/lost/knockouts" stats.
  • Fighter statistics are not only tracked fight-by-fight but also round-by-round. Want to know how many of a fighter's knockouts have been scored in the first round? No problem! Want to know if he's ever been stopped in the last round of a fight? We've got that covered, too. Connect percentages for/against; average rounds-per-fight/per-stoppage; it's all there!
  • Top Ten Lists and Organizational Rankings

    For the first time ever, Title Bout now includes twenty-two specific Top Ten categories. Those categories, when modified by available parameters, result in over 1500 different lists. Getting a list of the ten fighters who average the most punches per round in ten or more fights takes only a few clicks of a button. Make it more specific by modifying the parameters to include a specific division, or a specific nationality, or for a specific year! And when you check out the new Rankings, don't be surprised to see a fighter ranked as the #1 contender by one organization be all the way down at #5 by another.
  • Easy Access to all Modules in the Boxing Simulation

    Title Bout takes all the guess work out of selecting fighters for matches, choosing corner men, etc. Not only is more pertinent data available per screen, but also any record - be it fighters, judges, referees, announcers, venues or corner men - can be accessed from any place before, during or after a fight.
  • Import Boxer Images to add even More Realism to Your Fights

    Images of fighters, as many as you'd like to attach to a given pugilist, can easily be imported into Title Bout. You can even pull in images of famous boxing venues if you so choose. New! And your imported images will show up more places than ever before, including on the fighter's record, on the fight screen itself and on the Fight Card.
  • And Much, Much More!

    There are so many new or improved features in Title Bout Championship Boxing that it would take up too much space to list all of them. Improved use of between round strategies; actual interaction if you choose to take over the role of a trainer or cut man; single and double elimination tournaments; adjustable career stages for retired fighters - If you want the best, most comprehensive boxing simulation available, you'll want TITLE BOUT CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING!

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