Using Groups

With TBCB 2.0, you were limited to assigning two groups per fighter. In TBCB 2.5 the number of groups that a fighter can be assigned to is unlimited. The possibilities for universe configurations are nearly limitless as a result.

You could choose to group fighters by skill level, era, nationality, geography or virtually anything that you may wish. In this example we will walk through the process of setting groups up, assigning them to fighters and looking at rankings that slice up your universe into unique sections.

This sample universe consists of all the heavyweights in the database with careers that began between 1920 and 1950.

To begin with, we will set up some organizations that will issue rankings and distributing title belts. At the main universe screen, click the Organization button.


Next, click the New button to begin creating the desired organizations.

Making Orgs

First, we'll create the New York State Athletic Commission; they were in the business of crowning world champions for a good many years.


Click Save and keep adding organizations to your hearts content. A few more have been added below and you can add as many as you like.

Organizations Added

The next step is to add your groups. This is done in exactly the same fashion as the organizations only you click the Groups button at the main screen rather than the Organization button as shown above.

The Groups are sets of fighters that the organizations will consider for ranking.  You can make the groups as detailed as you like. For simplicity, the groups used here were given identical names to the organizations shown above.


The next step is to apply these groups to your fighters.  The first group that we'll assign is NYSAC as they will be the world sanctioning body and all fighters will be past of the group.

From the fighter selection screen, click the Select All button as shown below.

Select all

This will place a check in the box to the left of all fighters.

All selected

Now, mouse over the right side menu bar and select Mass Edit. Check "Add this Group to Selected Fighters" and select the desired group from the drop down box as shown (NYSAC in this case). Click OK and everyone in the universe will be in the NYSAC group.

Mass edit

Next, We'll assign fighters to the Commonwealth group. Begin by hand-selecting all the fighters from Commonwealth countries to the left. When all desired are selected, go back to the mass edit box and select the group for this batch as shown below. The fighters worked on this time now each belong to two groups, NYSAC and Commonwealth.

Selective mass edit

By repeating this procedure for all the groups that you want to maintain, each fighter will eventually belong to all relevant groups.

A look at Tommy Farr's fighter card at the end of this process shows that he is part of the NYSAC, Commonwealth, European, BBBofC British and BBBofC Welsh Area groups.  A total of five groups have been assigned here but there is no limit to the number that you can assign.

Fighter Card

After running off a few thousand fights over a number of year's let's see how the rankings look and how these groups help us to slice up our boxing universe.

To call up rankings, click on the Organization button as shown below.


Next, highlight the desired organization and click on the Rankings tab as shown below.

Ranking Tab

Once at the Ranking screen, select the group from the drop down filter list.

drop down filter

By doing this for each Organization, we can pull all of the following rankings from the same universe history. You will note that a number of fighters appear in multiple ranking lists due to the ability to assign them to an unlimited number of groups.

First up, the BBBofC British rankings with Jack Gardner as the champ. Welsh title holder Tommy Farr has had a tough go but manages to surface on these rankings.


Canadian Larry Gains tops the Commonwealth heavyweights and you can see fighters from a number of Commonwealth countries falling in behind him.


Max Schmeling leads the way in Europe and the ubiquitous Tommy Farr pops up again.


Arturo Godoy leads a small pack of ranking heavies from South America.


And finally, the NYSAC world rankings.  No champion has been crowned at this juncture but there are a number of familiar names waiting for the opportunity.



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