New Databases

Fighter Database:

The fighter database currently contains over 6,500 fighters from 142 countries. Roughly one third of the TBCB 2.0 database has been adjusted or re-rated.

Every fighter loads with a prime rating record at a minimum. Certain fights, such as Joe Choynski pictured below, load with two or more prime rating records for multiple weight divisions.

Multiple RR

Those fighters with multiple rating records are indicated in the main fighter selection screen with a yellow entry in the Career Stage column.

Indicator for Multiple RR

Each fighter file contains a bio note with career record and a list of any titles that the fighter won during his or her career.

Bio notes 

Thanks go to the team of volunteers who worked on the database:

Kent Ares, Rocco Del Sesto, Mark Elwood, Tom Gould, Mike Hanson, Mark Jones, David Myers & Tripp Maxwell

Will Schubert has completely over-hauled the venues and officials databases.

Venues Database:

There are 420 current and 200 historical venues in 59 countries from which to choose. The price figure for venues has been eliminated in favor of a single venue rating. Many capacities have been made more accurate as the result of new research.


Judges and Referees:

Judges and referees must be known to have worked at least one bout since Dec. 1, 2006 to be classified as Active. Others deemed to have reached a level of significance have been included as Retired. Also, retired judges have a HI rating based on the frequency in which they agreed with one or two of the other official scorers from their bouts.




Trainers and cutmen have been included based on notoriety and activity level. The new database contains 97 active and 50 retired cornermen.


Ringcard Girls:

The game comes with generic ringcard girls but you may add as many as desired quite easily.

Ringcard Girls

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