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Title Bout Championship Boxing
Update for TitleBout Championship Boxing 2013 now available!

We're pleased to announce that the v1.4 update for TitleBout Championship Boxing is now available for download on all platforms. If you haven't purchased the game yet then its available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android today.

The update includes the following changes:

  • fixed crash changing fighter groups
  • changed back/next order when stepping through fighters to match table filter/sorting
  • fixed issue that cause the wrong picture to be displayed on some detail pages
  • fixed issue where long serial numbers would not fit in the licensing dialog
  • fixed crash in fighter reports
  • fixed memory leak in image cache
  • stopped DQ showing as TKO for winner
  • added Win% to fighter table
  • added feedback dialog on android
  • fixed issues when fighter is at their career end
  • autoscheduler does not show titles
  • fixed "linked with data pool"
  • added blurring effect
  • added screen resizing
  • improved table drawing speed
  • MOTD system
  • fixed updating data from pool clearing cornermen
  • fixed loading in tournament shwoing wrong view
  • fixed tournament pre-playing matches after reload
  • fixed tournament replaying drawn bout
  • enabled fighter move by default
  • fixed issue where title champion showed the wrong weight
  • Added copying autoscheduler date/venue to fight card
  • Added warning when fighters sexes do not match in fight setup
  • fixed display issue on fighter details page
  • Added F4 reloading of static data tables
  • fixed fighter stats calculation
  • fixed fighter stoppages
  • Disqualification now recorded as TKO win
  • Editing history date updates title history too

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You can re-stage classic bouts, indulge in "What if?" scenarios, and even forecast upcoming fights. The game also features Top Ten lists, complete statistics, revised and multiple ranking systems, radio-style fight commentary, realistic crowd noises, pseudo-animated fighters, ring girls, organizational rankings, and much more. Trainers, corner men, and referees add an extra dimension of realism to the simulation.

And if you want to see firsthand what TBCB 2013 is capable of, check out the Predictions page on our web site, which features summaries of our entries in the Boxing With Billy C Challenge. We've simmed many recent fights 100 times each and have posted the results on our site.