Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 is Available Now!

We are proud to announce that you can now purchase the latest version of our hard-hitting boxing simulation game, Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013. TBCB 2013 features more than 6,600 fighters, past and present, including all divisions and all champions, with links to boxrec.com for complete real-life data.

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The game normally sells for $19.99, which includes two licences, but you can buy it now for just $9.99 with proof of a prior TBCB purchase.*

And best of all, Title Bout Championship Boxing is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux for the first time ever!

Your Boxing Matches Set Up Your Way

Want to re-stage a classic bout, like one of the Ali-Frazier fights? Want to indulge in a nearly unlimited number of "What if?" scenarios, such as a dream match-up pitting Sugar Ray Robinson against Marvin Hagler? Want to forecast an upcoming fight? You can do all that and more in TBCB 2013.

Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 also features Top Ten lists, complete statistics, revised and multiple ranking systems, full editing capabilities, and much more. Trainers, corner men, and referees are all part of the simulation, adding an extra dimension of realism.

Plenty of New Features

New features in TBCB 2013 include: enhanced radio-style commentary; more realistic crowd noises; pseudo-animated fighters who throw punches, clinch, and get knocked down; ring girls who parade between rounds; organisational rankings; the ability to import multiple images of each fighter, as well as pictures of famous boxing venues; and much more.

You'll also have a wealth of statistics at your fingertips, so you can see, for example, how many of a boxer's knockouts have come in the first round, or if he's ever been stopped in the final round of a fight. It's all there, including connect percentages for/against, average rounds per fight or per stoppage, and much more.

And with the revamped auto-scheduling tool, you'll have control over precisely the types of matches you want to set up. How about a tournament exclusively featuring retired Italian middleweights with overall ratings of 7 through 10? TBCB 2013 lets you easily do that.

Ready to place your order? We'll see you in the ring!


* Simply provide your original order code to get TBCB 2013 for just $9.99. If you don't have your original order code, see eSellerate's support site, which allows you to look it up.

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